Who We Are

Bank for Good was born out of a coalition of organizations coming together to elevate a financial system that makes it easy for people to align their values with their financial decisions. We knew that there were great banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions committed to a fossil-free future, and we wanted to make it easy for you to find them and join the movement. 



Our Team


ideas42 is a non-profit that uses insights from behavioral science to improve lives, build better systems and policies, and drive social change.


Purpose builds and supports movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world. We use public mobilization and storytelling, drive campaign innovation on the world’s biggest issues, and harness participation for meaningful social impact. Our labs and new initiatives can shift policies and change public narratives when it matters most.

Mighty Deposits

Mighty analyzes millions of pages of public data so you can look up any bank or credit union in the U.S. & learn how it uses your money to impact communities. Whether you're looking for a high-yield account, mortgage, business banking, or more, visit mightydeposits.com to find & contact the best banking options for you & the causes you care about.


Presente supports the creation of a massive, multi-issue, grassroots Latinx movement calling for freedom, dignity, equity, and justice for all. Presente.org is the nation’s largest online Latinx organizing group; advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture.

Grow Brooklyn

Grow Brooklyn’s mission is to enable families to grow and preserve their assets, thereby securing their economic future. Focused on the overwhelmingly low-income and minority neighborhoods in Brooklyn including Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, East New York, Crown Heights, and Flatbush, Grow Brooklyn offers direct technical assistance to clients in the form of advice and professional services.

Sol Nation

Sol Nation is a nationally and globally recognized organization that provides direct pathways to a just transition, resiliency, and revitalization as we move to a Green Economy.

Fernandez Advisors

Fernandez Advisors is a campaign strategy and advisory firm that builds infrastructure that the progressive community can rely on to make lasting change.We provide strategic advice on complex issues to progressive leaders and organizations across the advocacy, non-profit, philanthropic and corporate sectors.


nclud is a digital-first creative agency focused on imagining and building highly-interactive websites that push the limits of design and development. Together, we’ll come up with amazing ideas that get results.

Bank for Good was designed with a keen eye toward the behavioral barriers uncovered in a 2019 climate finance research report published by ideas42, Bank on What You Believe.