What’s Next?

Revolutions start by showing up.

This year, amidst unprecedented crisis, we’ve seen people showing up for each other in beautiful ways: neighbors going grocery shopping for neighbors, people donating their stimulus checks, and crowds taking to the streets week after week to demand justice. 

Here are more ways you can keep showing up. These are ongoing campaigns pushing for justice on multiple fronts, both locally and across the country.

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Read up on Presente's mission to advance LatinX power

Sol Nation

Take further environmental justice action with Sol Nation in Charlotte, NC and beyond

Grow Brooklyn

Volunteer with Grow Brooklyn in NYC to build and preserve local economic power

Stop the Money Pipeline

Challenge banks, asset managers, insurance companies, and institutional investors to stop funding, insuring, and investing in the climate crisis.

Renewable Energy Provider

Make another switch by changing to a renewable energy provider for your electricity


Check out BankBlack's resources for building the Black banking movement.


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Want to help us spread the word about Bank for Good? Together we can let the world (and big banks) know what we’re up to.

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Money talks, and your voice matters. With our simple template, you can reach out to your bank, credit union, or financial institution urging them to commit to never financing fossil fuels and inviting them to participate in Bank for Good.

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