Don’t see your bank or credit union listed here?

There are tons of great banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions out there that are committed to a fossil-free future. We’re still adding more institutions every day.

You can reach out to your bank, credit union, or financial institution urging them to commit to never financing fossil fuels and inviting them to participate in Bank for Good.

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I’ve been banking with [name of institution] for [number of] years. I believe that fossil fuels have no place in our future, and it’s important to me that my money is aligned with my values. To that end, I wanted to know if [name of institution] is committed to never financing the extraction or production of fossil fuels.  

If the answer is yes, I would love to see [name of institution] be a part of Bank for Good, a movement connecting the dots between big money, the climate crisis, and systemic injustice. Bank for Good provides the tools for people to align their banking with their values and switch to banks, credit unions, or other financial institutions that have committed to a fossil-free future. 

You can visit the website at, and contact info [at] for more details.

[Your Name]